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Thread: 60 T-Bird expert advice

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    60 T-Bird expert advice

    I am looking at a 1960 T-Bird convertible.
    The car has sat for two years now. I'm not worried about that because I have brought back to life cars that have sat for much longer times.
    Everything is there. All mouldings, lenses, interior, carpeting are in wonderful condition. I do not know what condition the top is in but I am thinking it's all right because the people that I am dealing with are super and they say that the car was driven into the garage the way it is today and left this way.
    The rocker on the drivers side as a bit of a problem and I am not sure if the rockers were made this way or if this one was repaired at some time and is now starting to go bad.
    I find no rot, period. The underside looks all right from what I can see but of course there is some rust starting.
    This is supposedly an all original car and I believe that it has spent most of it's life in Florida.
    Please look at the pictures and give whatever advice you have. They are asking 6K but say that, that is just a starting point.
    Thanks for any input.

    58 T-Bird pictures from classic cars photos on webshots
    Ron Klewer

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    Re: 60 T-Bird expert advice

    The car looks promising but the pics in the link dont show the areas of your concern. Is the car available to view or are you relying on pics from the owner ?You really need to inspect underneath to determine if there are any serious rust issues . Coastal Florida cars can have some rust issues from time to time depending on how close to the water and how they were stored and cared for.

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