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Thread: 1968 thunderbird washer reservoir

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    1968 thunderbird washer reservoir

    Hi, Looking to help out a Relative on his very original 68 thunderbird. His original plastic windshield washer reservoir crumbled with age. He found a replacement from one of the Bird repo places and says it is not anywhere near close looking. He was told that no one makes it because it is a one year only. Can anyone help me on this? I am a Oldsmobile/Buick guy and know very little about these nice cars. Thank you, Michael

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    Re: 1968 thunderbird washer reservoir

    Michael, I'm a little surprised to hear that the washer reservoir was a one year only item for 1968. The major car companies usually use things like that on multiple product lines to save on development costs. Also, the body sytle for 1968 was the second of the 5th 3 year cycle for the T-Bird. I would think the reservoir would be the same for all three years. Anyway, it looks like there is not nearly the availablility of parts for the '68 that there is for the 1955-1966 T-Birds. Watching eBay might be your best bet.
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    Re: 1968 thunderbird washer reservoir


    I understand your dilema. Having owned a 68 bird I am well versed in the vagaries of the 3 year plan. The reality is that 68 was a bastard year for Ford, not only the birds but the Galaxies as well. The strange thing with the birds is that a lot of stuff from 67 will fit 69 and vice versa, the neither will fit the 68. I have 60% of a 68 bird in parts, but nobody has wanted them for over 15 years. Even the bird emporiums don't want them unless they can get them all for $25. That is sad.

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