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Thread: 1930-31 Chrysler Model 70 leftover parts

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    1930-31 Chrysler Model 70 leftover parts

    Hi-One of my customers dropped off 3-4 boxes of parts left from a Model 70 restoration -1 CM Hall headlight complete, headlight mounting brackets, coil with igntion switch but no key, some bumper separators, other small sheet metal parts. Before you get too excited there are no new parts. If anyone is looking for parts I can e-mail some photos with pricing soon as I take some photos. Send me your e-mail with a cover note stating Model 70 photos. Some of these parts look very similar to my 30 Desoto car's parts which I'm sure they are.
    Marty Lum

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    Re: 1930-31 Chrysler Model 70 leftover parts

    Hi Marty, I need a taillight bracket either left or right preferably right. You can reach me at 818-272-4275 Mark.

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