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Thread: X'mas SAAB Artworks

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    Cool X'mas SAAB Artworks

    Hi My Friends,
    X'mas time is coming, I think it's a good time to contribute something special to the Saab lovers' community. So I decided to make some Saab related artworks with X'mas & New Year theme. I've finished some X'mas wallpapers & e-cards, I would like to share them with you, they are ready for download. There are also other Saab wallpapers available. You can find them in the "Saab Art" page of my website. I hope you'll enjoy having them! Do send this link to other Saab lovers if you think they'll also be interested.

    Wishing Saab a bright future!! Merry Christmas!!

    X'mas wallpapers & e-cards download page:
    Saab Art

    For other car wallpapers, pls. visit my site:
    Classic Car Wallpapers & Prints
    Vintage Pens

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    Re: X'mas SAAB Artworks

    Even if i am a true Volvo person, i must say that your artwork is beautiful
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    Re: X'mas SAAB Artworks

    Hi! Vankila, Thanks for your good words! I do love classic Volvo & I like the Volvo photos that you post, I've never seen a real or 544 before, beautiful & interesting car!! Thanks!
    Classic Car Wallpapers & Prints
    Vintage Pens

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