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Thread: volvo photos

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    volvo photos

    I opened a flickr account. It features primarily RWD Volvos. I have also included some Ford photos too. A lot of them are cars owned by family members. The others belong to friends or were seen at shows. If it sounds interesting, take a look @
    Bob Graham
    Columbus, NC
    1965 Volvo PV544
    1988 240 wagon

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    Re: volvo photos

    Thanks for uploading.
    Great Volvos in there.

    I loved your 245 75. I have to myself. One from 1977 and one from 1988
    Ford Model A 1931
    Volvo PV 444 HS 1954
    Volvo PV 544 1964
    Volvo 245 L 1977

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