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Thread: Crazy for Collecting!

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    Crazy for Collecting!

    Seems there are endless surprizes in the automobilia genre, small-scale division. Case in point is this 1940 Mercury stamp dispenser, newly-acquired from Bob Paquin's earlier post in this Forum. Kudos to Bob for offering it up here first.

    Now there'll be countless (fun) hours digging for info on who made it,
    what others were made, where they were available, etc.

    What a li'l treasure!


    Found 10 minutes after posting...
    That was easy!
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    Re: Crazy for Collecting!

    Actually it is not a stamp dispenser but a bank.

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    Re: Crazy for Collecting!

    I have a Chevy coin from 1940 like this.
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    There's nothing like that old car smell.

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