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Thread: No Fuel Tank for 1959 Edsel No Problem

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    No Fuel Tank for 1959 Edsel No Problem

    I have been working on a 59 Edsel for the past few months and I quickly found out that I couldn't locate and purchase a new fuel tank. I was presented with a couple of options doing my research the first being I could purchase a new 59 Ford fuel tank the filler neck isn't centered like the Edsel but the dimensions are correct and the filler neck is shorter. The second option was using a 63 Galaxie tank there is plenty of room for it underneath the trunk and the Edsel straps work, the neck is centered but four inchs shorter than the Edsel neck. I went with the Galaxie tank and cut and rewelded the neck making up the four lacking inchs. I had to make a small bracket for the right side strap to fit into, I will attach pictures later. There was plenty of room for the Galaxie sending unit which needs to also be purchased as it is located in a diffrent spot than the Edsels. This wasn't difficult and was a better option than trying to reuse an old tank that was filled with rust and scale. I figured I would put this in a thread in case anyone else ran into the same problem I did.
    I need 59 Edsel parts.

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    Re: No Fuel Tank for 1959 Edsel No Problem

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	092.JPG 
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Name:	096.JPG 
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ID:	163972 Pics of both tanks the Black one is the orginal Edsel tank.
    I need 59 Edsel parts.

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