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Thread: 1959 Edsel dual antenna

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    1959 Edsel dual antenna

    I'm trying to help out a friend with the restoration of his '59 Edsel--does anyone have a template or can give approx. measurements for the location of the dual rear antennas? I've noted on "The Edsel Pages" that dual antennas were a dealer installed item--pehaps there is no specific location and the dealer just mounted them where he thought they would look best?--any help would truly be appreciated.

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    Re: 1959 Edsel dual antenna

    I hope this photo helps, although it doesn't give the exact measurements for the location of the antennas:

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    Re: 1959 Edsel dual antenna

    Well, it's certainly a start in the right direction! Thank you for your help and input.

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    Re: 1959 Edsel dual antenna

    I spent a lot of time using the factory supplied template when installing a rear antenna on my "60 Ford. After I drilled the holes I went to install the retaining nuts. That is when I noticed that there were two holes located in the top of the rear qt. panel inside support structure to allow clearance for a socket to secure the nuts. It would have been much easier to drill the holes from the bottom. A hole saw the same diameter of the support structure hole could have been inserted and the pilot drill of the hole saw used to drill the hole for the antenna studs making sure not to allow the hole saw damage the sheet metal. You may want to look on the inside of the rear quarter panel for similar holes in the support structure to aid in finding the location of the rear antennas on the Edsel.

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    Re: 1959 Edsel dual antenna

    Here is sort of a side view. Hope it helps.
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