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    When I bought my '67, in the glove box, beside the owners manual, were the protecto-plate and booklet/ the computer card that I think they threw under the rear seat that had something to do with the options the car was to get as it was built/a brochure , foldout 2 or 3 colors on thick stock, that decsribed what goodies the dealer could install after market. Very cool- shows everything from compass- rear speaker- remote pass side mirror- and a little desk that the business man could write notes on as he hurtled down the road. If anyone is interested I could try to copy and upload (when I figure out how to do it) or I could mail it to anyone who wants.

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    Hi Rocky,
    The info on the computer card is very similar to the build sheet. The codes which are punched out on that IBM card are the sales codes used when ordering and building the car.
    If you have access to a 1967 wholesale car order form you can match those sales codes to the info on your IBM card to determine how your Riv was equipped when new. If you do not have an original order form I can decode the card for you.
    If you could provide a copy I would like to add it to the ROA library.
    Tom Mooney

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    Re: documentation

    will do! I'd like to e-mail it to you. Do you want a copy of the brochure too?

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