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Thread: Fuel tank

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    Smile Fuel tank

    I am looking for a good gas tank for a 51 CD sedan.

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    Re: Fuel tank

    Tanks are all the same for all postwar crosleys, 1947-52, slight change how the sending unit was mounted is the only differance. Good tanks are very hard to find. Reproductions are being made of fiberglass.
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    Re: Fuel tank

    Actually fairly significant different in looks came about during the 46-48 and 49-52 time frame, not sure exactly when, I know by 49 they had switched. There were also several variations on the exact location of the filler, depending on the model. In general Dale is right that most years and models are interchangeable, but may not be right if you want the proper tank. Then if you happen to have a model that takes a special tank like an early pickup, FarmOroad, ?? the filler will just not work.

    The new fiberglass tank looks just like the steel one when installed and are the later style. Not cheap.

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    Re: Fuel tank

    Crosley 51;
    First of all, it is good to see another Crosley owner on the forum...welcome!!! Please be sure the present tank you have can't be restored. I have had surprising luck restoring tanks that a lot of people have decided were too far gone to restore. The newest sealers available on the market work remarkably well in sealing tanks. make sure you take the time to properly clean the tank and fill the major holes. I did a tank for a guy a few months ago that had a real swiss cheese effect to it and it is in a driving car today. It takes a lot of time and patience, but it is cheaper than buying a fiberglass one. Look for a cheap used tank (I bought 2 at Wauseom last year for 25.00 each) and go to work.
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    Re: Fuel tank

    Im happy to be a crosley owner. The gas tank seems to be my only missing pc of my car. Im looking forward to joining the Cros club. Fred sent me a PDF copy sunday night. Looks like a great magazine. If I cant find a tank reasonably priced I guess Ill just make me one. Troy

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