I'm curious to know if anyone on the forum is actively restoring or showing Doodle Bug scooters. I know that a few have been shown in various AACA events over the years, so there are at least a few of you.

Or maybe you had one as a kid...I'd love to hear about that, too.

Never heard of a Doodle Bug scooter?

Here is a photo from Don Jackson's shop (Yesterday's Rides Metalworks) for reference. Doodle Bug scooters were manufactured by the Beam Manufacturing Company of Webster City, Iowa from 1946-1948 and were sold by Gambles (under the "Hiawatha" brand) and Western Auto (under the "Western Flyer" brand). The scooters were powered by either a kick start Briggs and Stratton NP or kick start Clinton 710 with fluid drive clutches (and later centrifugal clutches). All were painted red from the factory and about 40,000 were manufactured. About 10 years later another scooter, the Forall, was manufactured in Illinois based upon the Doodle Bug scooter.