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    I was made aware of ab auction that will be taking place here in
    Southeastern Pa. on September 11th that features 10 Crosleys and 10 King midgets along with an Amphicar, a couple of Freeways, and a number of others. If anyone is interested, send me an e-mail and I'll forward the flyer. I understand the auctioneer will also offer phone and on line bidding. If I can aid anyone feel free to ask. The seller is a Crosley Club member who has (so I understand) some serious health problems so I'll help wherever I can.
    51 Crosley Hotshot
    51 Crosley Supersports
    50 Crosley Farm O Road
    41 Crosley Convertable coupe
    48 Crosley Panel Delivery
    48 Crosley Convertable
    52 Crosley Wagon
    49 Crosley Wagon
    47 Crosley Pickup
    ?? 3/4 Midget Crosley Powered
    48 Crosley Wagon
    52 Crosley Farm O Road
    50 Crosley Super Hotshot

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    Hey Dave A, I started a thread in the general section called Coachbuilt Ford?? about an auction near me today. There was a King Midget there, if you like you might take a look at the sale recap on my link. Todd

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