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Thread: 51' Crosley wagon differential questions

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    51' Crosley wagon differential questions

    Will this differential hold up to a chevrolet 2.2L rated at about 110hp? If not what do you recommend for a replacement? Any info will be appreciated.

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    Re: 51' Crosley wagon differential questions

    I am far from an expert on stock Crosleys much less modifieds. We do however, have a number of guys who have done some pretty extensive modifieds in the Crosley Auto Club. I would suggest going to the web site Crosley Automobile Club Inc.- Home for all Crosley Car Owners and going to the Crosley Gang and post your question there. I think you will get an answer there pretty quickly. If you don't please contact me off this board at and I'll try to steer you to someone who can. By the way, although the Crosley Auto Club emphasizes preserving original Crosleys, we do have a modified class at our National Show in Wauseon, Ohio, July 14th that is specifically for modifieds. Perhaps you will join us and see.
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    Re: 51' Crosley wagon differential questions

    No the stock rear end will not handle 110hp unless you really were easy on take off and acceleration. If your going to drive that conservatively you might as well put something smaller in. I would say 40-60hp is about it for the rear and even at that you may strip the gears if you tried to take off to hard from a dead stop.

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