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Thread: 1919 Rauch & Lang

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    1919 Rauch & Lang


    A very original car which has been stored for years.
    A 1959 Exide battery bill was found in the car, as in 1959 they redid the original 1919 batteries.

    Email for further details, we firmly believe that with a charge or new batteries, she would run down the road. Use as is or restore.
    Garage kept all of its life, not perfect, but all original with petina.
    Even the original battery charger is in remarkable condition.
    Being offered from a friends collection.
    BELIEVE ME>>> this car is nice, a steal !!!!
    Email for pics
    Home of the first futuristic exotic automobile in the world, no wider, higher, longer or heavier than a AC Cobra or D Type Jag, but built in 1935 !!!
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