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Thread: Thanks to Peter

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    Thanks to Peter

    I speak on behalf of the Forums ... to Peter

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    Re: Thanks to Peter

    Not anon. Definitely registered. But could not have said it better. Happy New Year Peter and to all DFers.

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    Re: Thanks to Peter

    Happy New Year everyone! Happy 100th Birthday to Ford, Harley-Davidson,Cadillac & powered flight!

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    Re: Thanks to Peter

    Gosh!, I got misty eyed! Happy New Year, Everyone! Wayne
    R W Burgess, (just call me Wayne)

    See my Army pictures 40 years later in this newsletter! "Touring California"

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    (Thanks Ron Green!)

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    Re: Thanks to Peter

    I concur. A great and enjoyable forum. Thanks!

    And don't forget Buick's 100th anniversary! Looking forward to taking my 1906 home to Jackson, MI.
    Don Poffenroth
    1906 Buick F
    Brass is Best!

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