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Thread: Studebaker revival

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    Studebaker revival

    I just got this email from a friend in my club about a new Studebaker venture. I hope it does better than that Hummer knock off but it seems like a mouse running up an elephant's leg with rape on its mind. Home | Studebaker Motor Company - Out to create the best vehicle on the road

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    Thumbs down Re: Studebaker revival

    See: Colorado start-up plans to bring back Studebaker | Hemmings Blog: Classic and collectible cars and parts

    ....All of this information and their ambitious plans are posted on the Studebaker Motor Company’s website, highlighted by a vague and rambling business plan replete with spelling and grammatical errors.

    The recurring theme in their news, events and even business plan pages is that they need working capital. Many of America’s premier car companies founded early in the last century were done so with massive capital injections at the start. We can only imagine the cubic dollars needed to start a company that plans to build a full range of scooters, motorcycles and cars with green technology on American soil in the 21st century.

    Ric Reed, the president and CEO of the new Studebaker, gets props for his audacious ambition. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a modern Studebaker that looks as much forward as it does to legacy producing vehicles on American soil? Heck, Clint Eastwood would approve. We’re just not so sure we’d feel all that comfortable with a line of scooters sporting the great Studebaker name.

    The only thing the new Studebaker is currently offering for sale is a $49.99 “Collectable Commemorative Certificate” listed with a disclosure that it’s an artistic certificate and not a stock certificate, something they would surely like to actually sell. On the news section of their web site, they are not only soliciting investors but designers, too.

    So, let’s review. They have a name. They have bold, if vague, plans to build vehicles for which they really don’t yet have any designs nor evidence of any engineering for. We should wish them luck, but before that, we’d really like to know that they are not going to put a black mark on the Studebaker legacy.
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    Re: Studebaker revival

    I thought I read they were gonna start with the scooter but it was to be made with China parts, That lost it for me.

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    Re: Studebaker revival

    The quoted article was from the Hemmings Daily report. I read it and was left with the conclusion it is long on ideas and short on a viable plan. They want to make a green economical car, but their 1st endeavor will be something with a Studebaker name on it that will retail for $120K!! Nor was I impressed with the parts to be made in China bit.
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    Re: Studebaker revival

    I am surprised GM hasn't stepped in as the car pictured looks too much like a Cadillac SRX in many details. But then again we are in a age where everything looks the same.

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    Re: Studebaker revival

    Quote Originally Posted by X-Frame View Post
    I am surprised GM hasn't stepped in as the car pictured looks too much like a Cadillac SRX in many details. But then again we are in a age where everything looks the same.

    Maybe a touch around the grill, but overall, not at all
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    Re: Studebaker revival

    Don't hold your breath.
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    Re: Studebaker revival

    Please allow grand old Studebaker to rest in peace. These "vehicles" are no more Studes than the ersatz Stutz pimpmobiles of the 70s. Let's, also, not forget poor old Indian, who's mouldering corpse is dragged out of it's tomb every decade or so, the electrodes are connected to it's neck and another bogus Iron Redskin staggers forth. (Kiwi Indian not withstanding)
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    Re: Studebaker revival

    Say what you want.
    They may be able to get some of my money.
    I have invested in worse things and I have never played black jack or poker in my life.
    The reason I have been a mechanic all my life is because my Dad owned Fords all his life,
    I can remember when Chrysler products wouldn't make it off the new car lot.
    Show me a great running Volkswagon and I'll show you an owner that knows how to adjust valves.
    I just finished the 50,000 mile maintenance on my 2008 Toyoto Yaris Hatchback. Did it myself in about an hour.
    Its easy to throw stones.
    Wish I was on board.

    I wish them luck.
    My 2 cents

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