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Thread: STOLEN 1939 Cadillac

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    STOLEN 1939 Cadillac

    Posted on the HAMB

    A dream was stolen from an aging gentleman in rural area NE of Estevan, please help to mend a broken heart!! - 1939 Cadillac - see photos attached for type and serial number. If you see or know of vehicle, please contact Estevan RCMP with details.

    If you have seen this car or know of anyone selling parts from or a complete car please contact the RCMP in ESTEVAN sask or Art Culbertson at 306 - 634 -4891

    STOLEN - 1939 Cadillac Sedan - Regina Collector Cars For Sale - Kijiji Regina Canada.
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    Re: STOLEN 1939 Cadillac

    More & more it seems, our collector cars are being targeted by thieves.

    A very strong reason I think why you should not include your full name (along with location) when posting on public forums. Why invite a crook to your home?

    Speaking to a Rep @ Hagerty Insurance the other day and he shared with me some statistics:

    10% of all collector cars stolen are removed from an owner's LOCKED GARAGE!!!

    So, make sure your garage is secure, don't leave your keys in the ignition, under the mat, in the ashtray, above the sunvisor or on your work bench.

    I'd even go as far as to suggest not including too much personal info on the window cards @ car shows, cruise nights, etc.

    Some areas, particularly Calf & Florida, other 'warm weather' states and areas near international shipping ports have had problems with vintage car theft rings. 1957 Chevy's have been particularly targeted but no collector car is safe if they want it.

    Latest classic car theft may be by ring |

    Classic Car Thief is on the Loose | NBC Los Angeles

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    Re: STOLEN 1939 Cadillac

    There's a never-ending supply of low lifes. I feel terrible to hear about the theft.
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