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Thread: Rolls Royce help!

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    Rolls Royce help!

    Per my previous post, I am in the market for a Rolls. I am very close to buying one here in town. It is an 81 and luckily completly up to date service wise. IT also have all of the books and papers, and maintance history. Breaks were recently redone as well. The issue is it has 100K miles. According to people i have spoken w/, i.e. rolls mechanics, this is not a big thing... The car is strong, and flawless inside and out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Re: Rolls Royce help!

    Maybe too late, but you really should talk to a member of the Rolls Royce Owners Club who owns a car like you want. And consider having car inspected by one of the experts who advertise in the RROC journal Flying Lady. Many 20+ year old Rolls Royces will "look great", "run great", but have thousands of dollars of neglected maintance or parts that need replacement. Brakes are a key issue often. If car has detailed service records, call the garage that worked on it and ask them about car too.
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