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Thread: International Truck Model Year Question

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    International Truck Model Year Question

    Does anyone know when International made the models D-35, DS-35, D-40, and DS-40? Thanks, Chris Paulsen

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    Re: International Truck Model Year Question

    I'm a certified IHC nut. I own about a<BR>dozen of them including three or four D<BR>series. It's generally understood that<BR>D series were produced from middle/late<BR>'37 to early 1940. IHC C WAS still being<BR>produced in early '37. These are EASILY<BR>identified because they have all metal<BR>doors. 1940 D series are identified by<BR>having parking lights external from<BR>headlamp assys. This is because IHC (and<BR>the industry) went to 6v sealed beam in<BR>1940. Don't mis-identify your truck IF it<BR>has sealed beams. Almost all of my old<BR>trucks have been converted to sealed beam<BR>at one time or another. Some have complete aftermarket headlamp buckets, but most are bolt-in or weld-in sealed beam conversions.<BR>Mr. Crismon has written THE IHC book and<BR>I suggest you purchase it. I've noticed<BR>some individuals claim to have a source<BR>at IHC (Navistar) that can tell you what<BR>year and where your IHC was produced from<BR>the serial number from the front of the frame. I've never tried to find out.<BR>Good luck, Don Kenyon

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