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Thread: If I may introduce myself.

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    If I may introduce myself.

    My name is Nick Ware. I live in Central Virginia and have been intrested in classic and antique cars my whole life. I was probably genetically predisposed to Chrysler products because of my father. He was so Mopar that he bled blue when he scraped a knuckle replacing the waterpump on his 41 Dodge Luxury Liner. I currently have two older vehicles, a 1976 Plymouth Silver Duster I got for my son to restore and use as his first car and a 1961 Dodge Lancer 770 sport coupe. I also am the manager of an MSN forum dedicated to Early Mopar A-Body cars. I would be happy to her\ar from anyone with similar interests or information on these cars or the location of good parts sources for them. Tnank you.

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    Re: If I may introduce myself.

    Hello, Lancer...Welcome to the AACA Forum.

    I am quite confident you will receive replies shortly. Check out the "Chrysler" Forum, too. (Scroll down the opening AACA Page and you will see it.)


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    Re: If I may introduce myself.

    You don't need to run off the another forum.

    I will talk to you about Lancer 770's.
    There is a 770 station wagon in our family.
    Are you havimg problems finding some parts also?

    See attached picture.


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    Re: If I may introduce myself.

    Im sure our good friend Bob Kinker from Tidewater Region here in Virginia will be on the forum soon to talk Chrysler stuff. Where are you located and do you belong to a region?
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    Re: If I may introduce myself.

    Welcome to the forum. I too am a Mopar-aholic as well as Packards. As for parts and supplies, pick up a copy of Mopar Collectors Guide from any big news stand, also for used parts contact the Bayer Boys in Austell Ga. Just outside of Atlanta, they are strictly Mopar, and they have the Austrailian equivelent to you wagon, an Aussie Ute.
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    Re: If I may introduce myself.

    Glad to see another MOPAR nut on line! I have a 64 Imperial Crown Coupe, a 64 Belvedere 4 door, and a couple of 64 Fury parts cars. Welcome aboard!
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