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Thread: Apollo 11 and cars

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    Apollo 11 and cars

    Follow this excellent link. Check out the cars in the pictures.

    Captured Photo Collection 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing Photos

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    Re: Apollo 11 and cars

    I watched the 40th anniversary show "Moon Shot" on the History Channel last night and could not stop thinking about how the automobiles were so far less advanced than they are today. Points were still the norm for an ignition system, caburetors for fuel..... It is amazing we even got there and back giving all the things that could have gone wrong. The Wrights took flight in 1903 and less than 66 years later we landed men on the moon, and brought them back home. I grew up in this era and like many othe childern of that time, and had dreams of being an Astronaught. When they quite going to the Moon, even at a young age, that ended the dream for me. With that said, the advances in technology from the begining, to the end of 20' century I think will be hard to beat. In less than 100 years we have gone from a horse and buggy to the Computor age. Almost overwelming to think about. Anyone born around 1900 and lived to see the vast changes of the century, saw a lot. I do not think we will ever see a time like this in history again. Advances will be made, yes, but they will not come as quick as they did in the last century. Dandy Dave!
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    Re: Apollo 11 and cars

    I was too old to remember it
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