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Thread: 50's pontiac

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    50's pontiac

    know any one that knows 50's pontiac's ? or where to find this info>
    I am in need of the wide s/steel trim pcs. that on the trunk of a 1951 pontiac coupe, being this is the short top car. IS the s.steel trunk trim the same size on all 1951 or is this one longer? thanks 928 649 3654

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    Re: 50's pontiac

    From the information I have available here are two different possibilities depending on the car model that you have.

    Chieftain model - 6 or 8 cylinder - model #2527(sedan coupe) 2527B(business coupe) 2537(catalina coupe) 2567(convertible coupe). These use the same decklid trim #514556.

    Streamliner model - 6 or 8 cylinder - model #2507(sedan Coupe). These use decklid trim #514558.

    Hope this helps and good luck on your search.


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