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Thread: 25 Year Old Mystery Resolved!

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    25 Year Old Mystery Resolved!

    Back in 2007, I posted a query on these forums as to the whereabouts of Mrs. Walter P. Chrysler's 1937 Imperial LeBaron Town Car. Thanks to our intrepid Editor of the Antique Automobile, West Peterson, the question has now been answered. The AA's latest issue has a response to pics posted in the previous issue's "Beveled Mirror," in which the car's connections to the Vanderbilt's "Eagle's Nest" Museum are laid out.


    Turns out the car has been at the museum all along, and was briefly on display when I took the pics back around 1986 (I'm rather embarrassed that I didn't contact them in the first place!). The curator says they'll be accepting sealed bids for the car in the next few months, after a second appraisal is concluded, and the one-off is expected to sell somewhere in the six-figures.

    It's going to be interesting to see the outcome of the sale, as this is one important Imperial!
    Thanks West, for bringing the forgotten LeBaron to light again. (Scroll down to see two original pics here).

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    Re: 25 Year Old Mystery Resolved!

    It will certainly be interesting to see what finally happens. I am excited with the possibility that this car will be owned by someone who will show it. If the car is in reasonably good original condition, I would hope the new owner will keep it that way.
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    Re: 25 Year Old Mystery Resolved!

    In my opinion, the Imperials always were, and always will be Chrysler's most luxurious car. And this one being so important in the Chrysler history, I hope it goes to a good home, and a good owner.

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