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    Old Chalmers

    I have access to a (I believe) '17 or '18 Chalmers. I haven't really explored it yet, but I believe the engine and transmission are intact. Possibly this winter or next spring, see if there is still oil etc in the hardware. The lower front windshield is intact, body is rusted, but seems solid, and so on. I don't knw the exact year, but my best guess 1917. Thought that I'd throw this out and see what happens.

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    Re: Old Chalmers

    Do you have anymore pictures of the car?
    Joe A.

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    Re: Old Chalmers

    If the Chalmers motor is intact, the easiest way to determine the difference between the '17 and '18 model is to look at the left (exhaust) side of the motor. The '17 Chalmers exhaust (Hot Air Pipe) runs up and over the top of the motor to the carburetor located on the opposite, right hand side.
    The '18 Chalmers "Hot Spot" motor has a "Rams Horn" exhaust on the left side, which feeds directly into the carburetor, located on the left side of the motor.

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