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Thread: Checking valve port tightness

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    Checking valve port tightness

    Its that time of year again, time to check the tightness of your valve port plugs and intake retaining rings. They tend to loosen up occasionally. If the intakes are loose they will lean out the mixture and it will run poorly and be very hard to start. I am referencing the 1909-1912 30 H.P. models specifically. Its easy to do and can save a lot of mystery as to why it runs the way it does.

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    Re: Checking valve port tightness

    Thanks for the tip. My car hasn't been running well lately and is definitely harder to crank. How much does a carburetor contribute to these problems? I was thinking about trying to replace the one I have. It is a Marvel TSX (put on the car in the 60s)and not the original Mayer. I would like to buy a Mayer just to see how the engine runs with it but have not been able to locate one. What kind of carburetor is on your car?

    Thanks again......Paul

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