It was late the other night, when I posted an update to my Chalmers restoration, to the wrong site. So I'll try again.
I continue to do a ground up restoration on my 1920 Chalmers 5-passenger Touring. It has taken me years of research, and the hunt for parts goes on. Very little of the original wooden body structure remained, when I brought the basket case home, about 5 years ago (what the fire didn't destroy, the termites ate). Replicating the wooden body structure has been my biggest challenge, as I have not been able to reuse any of the existing remains, except as patterns. I have presently manufactured about 50% of the structure, using mostly Ash. I'm making drawings, sketches and taking photos, as I progress.
I plan to complete the restoration in 8 years, which will be the car's 100th anniversary.
I would like to hear from anyone else working on a Chalmers of tht period.
Thank you,