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Thread: 1932 57 S gear lube

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    1932 57 S gear lube

    Is it acceptable to use 80w 90w gear lube in the rear axel and transmission of my 32 Buick 57S?

    32 Buick reference book calls for 160w in the summer.

    thank you,

    Jim Jordan

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    Re: 1932 57 S gear lube

    80/90 weight gear oil will work just fine in your 1932 Buick. Just maintain the correct levels. Too high and the transmission will leak more ( they always leak some) and the differential will leak onto the brakes with a hgih level ( seals are only a felt ring at the hub).

    Bob Engle

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    Re: 1932 57 S gear lube

    You should not use a lube that contains sulfur compounds common in later GL-5 and up types as it can damage any brass or bronze parts. I used Sta-Lube GL-4 single weight which comes in 140 weight, got it at NAPA.
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    Re: 1932 57 S gear lube

    Thanks guys, I always appreciate that you take the time to offer your good advice.

    Jim Jordan

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