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Thread: Need help finding 9B blueprint info

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    Need help finding 9B blueprint info

    I am building a late 9B Franklin raceabout from spare parts. I have a brand new set of frame rails and am looking for info on where to drill the proper holes and where to mount the chassis parts.

    Went to the Franklin website and checked out the tech section. Downloaded the pdf parts manual - it's very useful but doesn't give me the info I need.

    Ran a drawing files search for 1921 Frame and found Card File/25467 FRAME ASSEMBLY. Opened the pdf but it did not show a drawing.

    Is there some way I can obtain a blueprint showing where to drill holes and what bolts to use? If so, who do I contact?

    If all else fails, I can use my '21 9B touring to use as a model. I just don't trust my measuring techniques.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    P.S. Any advice on how to paint the frame rails? They are raw wood and I'd like to know what type of primer and color coat to use.


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    Re: Need help finding 9B blueprint info

    In the drawing file sills go by a different name “side sill members”. Not frames, or chassis sills.

    The drawing you need to finish his Series 9 sills is 22969/22968. And that drawing also lists the original finish you're asking about – creosote, as all the sills used.


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    Re: Need help finding 9B blueprint info

    By golly, there they are! Thank you, scott12180. I never would have found them without your help.

    Side sill members -- never in a million years would I have thought of using that phrase.

    As far as creosote goes, is that what people today are using?

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    Re: Need help finding 9B blueprint info

    I wouldn't use creosote. There are much better products available today. Check with a wood boat restorer.
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    Re: Need help finding 9B blueprint info

    My thoughhts:

    Exposed frame rails on 1911 and earlier franklins were body color on the outside and black on the inside- except for the front frame horns which were body color on the inside where exposed.

    Starting in 1912, frame rail sides were covered by aprons and the exposed portions of the frame were body color- perhaps everything except what was behind the aprons. Since anything with color was hand varnished, I believe only exposed areas were varnished, but cannot say for certain re the sides of the rails on 1912-1916 cars under the side aprons, for example.

    On the early cars, I have seen the inside of the rails and the underside of the body hand painted black enamel. At Some point the factory switched to creosote for the frame rails. I don't see any reference on the drawings until series 9. And then could it still be possible they they might have painted enamel over the creosote?

    Surely by series 11, framers were dull, black, likely just creosote.

    One thing for certain- frame rails were NEVER varnished.


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