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Thread: Spring Street Parade in Australia

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    Spring Street Parade in Australia

    Our City Council has a Spring Parade each year. They asked our Buick Club to provide some cars including a Wildcat convertible for the Mayoral car. I took my 48 Fleetwood 60S and two Buicks along. Here they are.

    The Fleetwood makes the 65 look small doesn't it?


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    Re: Spring Street Parade in Australia

    That Caddy of yours is fine enough to be an honourary Buick!

    If you know the owner of the green early '70s Riviera behind your Super, please send me a Personal Message. The's a guy here who collects photos of people holding a Hot Wheels toy car that looks just like it - World Travels - Miguelito’s Little Green Car
    Rob McDonald
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    Re: Spring Street Parade in Australia

    Nice photos. Kinda reminds me of the airport in Havana, Cuba.
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