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Thread: My New 1941 SSE

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    My New 1941 SSE


    Although I'm not new to the old car hobby I am new to the world of Buick. Growing up I used to help my dad with his prewar Fords and 50's Fords, tearing apart and rebuilding flatheads and Y-blocks. When I graduated from high school my dad and I restored a 57 Olds Super 88 4-door hardtop, painted red and white which I drove every day while in college. After graduating, I sold the Olds, regretted it, and after two years bought a turquoise and white 56 Super 88 4-door hardtop. I tinkered with it and drove it for 7 years before tiring of it and began to get the "itch" for a prewar car. I initially wanted a 39-40 Ford Deluxe coupe, but kept my eyes open for a good deal on a Buick with a mighty straight-eight. A friend of my dad had (and still has 20 some years later) a black 1941 Buick Super Coupe that I always secretly admired as a child and used to marvel at the shiny dante red valve cover that read "Buick Fireball Eight" whenever he popped the hood at shows.

    In March after a few months of shopping around and the usual dead ends I ran across a 1941 SSE in Hemmings, called about it, arranged an inspection, and bought it from a very nice and honest guy out in Houston TX. Here's my Buick as delivered in April of this year:[/img][/img]

    She's an older restoration complete with rock chips in the paint, weatherchecked tires, and tired pot metal (although the grille and bumpers have been replated.) The front end has recently been rebuilt and suspension has been gone through. I'm still in disbelief about bow good she steers and rides, far better than a contemporary Ford, but I won't tell my dad that.

    My plans? My plans are to keep it stock and finish the restoration that's already been started on it. That, and drive it all over the place this summer (yes, I'll be coming out to the nationals here in Colorado Springs in July.

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    Re: My New 1941 SSE

    Welcome to the world of BUICK. Congrats on your recent find & purchase! Very nice looking car. I'll keep a look out for it at Nationals. Hopefully you have already joined the BCA. Stongly recomend you do, if you haven't.. You will not find a friendlier & more knowledgeable group of folks, all sharing in 1 common interest--- Buicks and their preservation. Welcome aboard!!
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    Re: My New 1941 SSE

    Originally Posted By: Tim's 1941 SSE

    Let's see how that works. If it doesn't, you may want to consider setting up some photos on a site like PhotoBucket or ImageShack...the other alternative is to attach them to your post.

    As I'm not on FaceBook, I can't get at the links as posted.

    At any rate, welcome aboard. I have a's a neat car, nice to drive, and attracts a lot of attention.
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    Re: My New 1941 SSE


    Can you post here - some photos?


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