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    In my early teen years, dad (who always had a parade of interesting cars go though) brought home a 60 Invicta convertible. Side pipes, hydraulic suspension, Tijuana tuck and roll, no heater but air conditioned. I always thought that was a cool car. I had sold the Crosley dad and I restored together and was ready for the big time. I had the ad of the 70 Chevelle SS with the glow under it taped to my bedroom wall for some time and wanted one sooooo bad. But, being 1984, 15 years old, and only about $1500 to play with kept me from being the LS6 owner I wanted to be. Dad found a Buick for sale down the road a piece and said they are much better that that cheap old Chevy I was desiring. Well, next thing I know we were driving my 70 GS455 convertible back home to show mom. Mom, who is plenty car savvy herself asked dad "A 455 in that small car seems a little much for the boy." Dad winked at me and told her that a more powerful engine makes it easier to get out of trouble.

    A month or so later, an old family friend stopped by and saw the car. He told me to bring it to the local Buick Club show. The rest is as they say, is hysterical.

    P.S. Dad still owns this car, he was smart enough to save it after I blew it up.

    P.P.S. I want it back.

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    growing up we always had used cars,until one day dad got a brand new 86 buick century,gray with gray leather interior,i was four at the time but got a kick out of the power windows and the big yellow button for the trunk release.the car was so sharp our nextdoor neighbor decided to trade in her 72 caddy for a 86 caddy..also gray with gray leather(she still has it).my first car that i bought with money earned from summer camp was a 68 ford that i had for a month,i traded it in for a 67 buick electra at the pomona swap meet,the electra was great looking but it had a bad block so i drove it for a yr and lost it,i left it at a friends house and he left it parked on the street and couldnt move it because he couldnt start it.i had an 87 olds cutass four door that was my moms,it was great we had it for about 10 yrs before we sold it to my cousin,a 94 buick lesabre limited took its spot until i got hit by a car last yr,and now i have a 66 wildcat that i bought with the insurance money,its also a 4 door with all the bells and whistles,however the tranny is bad but since i didnt do right by the electra this is my chance to do right by the wildcat.


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    When I was a kid, Dad drove a 1954 Buick Super, Baffin Green. I had a rather crappy childhood to say the least, but I do have some wonderful childhood memories that surround that car,...."4-wheeling" in the desert with bald tires, drive-in movies, the one and only vacation my family ever took (to Morrow Bay, Cal.), chasing thunderstorms across the desert, my dad letting me "drive" (when I couldn't even reach the pedals)........

    Many years later, I made a sort of peace with my dad (not so much my mom), but it only lasted a few years before he passed away. Looking at old pics, I came across some of the old Buick, and I felt this absolute NEED to find one, more than a need, like I couldn't breathe till I found one. I did finally find one, in restorable condition, about a month and a half ago. Finally got her home (to New Mexico from Indiana) a little over a week ago.......I can breathe again! lol Can't wait to get her restored. The drive-in movie theater that we used to go to in Glendale, Arizona is STILL OPEN, and when she's done, that will be our first road trip in her.....gonna see a drive-in movie, JUST LIKE when I was a kid.
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