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Thread: 1949 Plym convertible upholstery

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    1949 Plym convertible upholstery

    Hi, I am restoring a 1949 Pymouth convertible and it is painting in original bolivia green color. I would like to know the correct color for steering wheel, steering column, dash board.
    I would like to know too the design of correct upholstery, the colors and if the car use 2 tones upholstery and the doors panels too.
    Thanks for any help. I good picture will be very helpful

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    Re: 1949 Plym convertible upholstery

    Hello, I own a 49 Plymouth 2 dr and my car is the boliva Green color and my steering wheel is a light Cream color, the column is brown color. the Dash is a Faux Wood grain, painted on the metal. The door panles wher a solid color and the seats where like a pinstripe. The Seat cloth is kinda like a Mohair and I used a company called L. Walston Auto Interiors 37435 Porter Box 2230 Lucerne , CA 92356 760-248-7345 for the material for my seats and Headliner. Good luck. where are you located? I am in VT

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    Re: 1949 Plym convertible upholstery

    I am restoring a 49 convertible too.The dash of the convertible is painted bodycolour,unlike all the other models.
    This site offers a lot of valuable information,if my memory serves me well you will find it at Publications and then Judges Manual.The upholstery is a little complicated,the parts catalog states ;Vinyl and Bedford Cord,in Blue,Red,Tan and Green for the convertible coupe, as well as leather trim in the same colours.Also there is Leather,imitation (50")(in rolls)in blue,red ,tan and green antique available for the convertible.
    I hope this helps,
    Good Luck,
    Hans van geffen.

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