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Thread: '65 GTO - help with fuel pump fitting

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    '65 GTO - help with fuel pump fitting

    I'm trying to help a friend with a '65 GTO with a 389. He has a stock fuel pump. Unfortunately he has lost the fitting for the out bound / pressure side of the fuel pump. We have looked / tried several fittings with no luck. Can anyone tell us what the fitting is supposed to be ? Or point us in the direction of the correct fitting ? Thanks for looking and any help you can offer

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    Re: '65 GTO - help with fuel pump fitting

    I would think that fitting system would be the same as other GM cars of that age.

    Those would have a fitting with male 1/8" NPT threads to screw into the pump. The other end would be female w/flare to accept 5/16" or 3/8" metal flared brake/gas tubing: (the pre-flared metal brake/Gas line assortments in parts stores)

    Some cars used 5/16 steel line to the carb, and some used 3/8.

    Any auto parts store will have that very common fitting, if that is what it was.

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