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Thread: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

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    engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    Hi, I am a new member and would like to say hello. Today I am the new owner of a 1940 cadillac lasalle flathead V-8. The former owner kept it in a heated garage and only drove it on nice sunny days and had no need for engine coolant, nor did he know what type of coolant was made for this car. I cant provide a heated space and the temperature is going down to freezing this evening. I would like to know from the members what anti freeze is to be used in this car and water to coolant ratio mix. I will say thanks now for any info received and to let the members know I have trouble using the computer and find using these websites a bit intiminating. I will strive to become more knowledgeable as I use this and other sites. Im getting on in years, old dogs new tricks. Thanks again for any input. J Rice

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    Use any major brand of anti-freeze such a Prestone or Peake. Use at least a 50/50 mixture with water. Check the bottle for suggested mixture percentages for maximun protection to specific tempatures. I may take more than 50% antifreeze to protect down to the lowest tempatures experienced in your area. The brands also offer "pre-mixed" which is just selling water for $7 per gallon. Mix in your own water.

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    I agree with 'Bob Call', I purchase full strength anti freeze and mix my own. I use antifreeze purchased at Sams Club at 6 gal for $60.00 plus tax.

    Drain the radiator, add a gal of antifreeze and then a gal of water and repeat till full. I then mix the balance and use it for topping off before I leave for tours.

    They also sell 2 gal of 50/50 pre-mixed for $17.00. I have also seen full strength for $11.00 gal at other stores.

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    If mixing your own use distilled water. It will help keep your rad. clean. Bill

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    Bob Call, I would like to thank you, and to say anti freeze is in.

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    huptoy, thanks for your input. Have a nice day.

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    Re: engine coolant? 1940 lasalle flathead V-8

    Web 38, thanks for the distilled water tip. Im sure glad to have found this site. Thanks again.

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