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Thread: WTB: Parts for a 37 Airflow

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    WTB: Parts for a 37 Airflow

    I've had my 37 Airflow for a few years now and have decided that I should get the remaining missing parts.

    I need the following:

    • Headlight assembly (need both - headlights, trim, etc)
    • Window crank handle (need one)
    • Hood ornament/handle
    • Chrome circular trim that goes around the front bumper brackets
    • Front bumper guards (need all three, or two - not sure how many the car came with originally)
    • Speaker for radio
    • Shift knob
    • Right side hood hinge (only have the left side)
    • Grille shroud (the one that goes between the fenders into which the grille is attached)

    Please email price and condition (pictures are a plus) to modelking2000 at hotmail dot com.


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    Re: WTB: Parts for a 37 Airflow

    Have a look on eBay as a hood ornament appears to be for sale item number 250827973486

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