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Thread: wanted 1936 S2 parts

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    wanted 1936 S2 parts

    I recently purchased (actually my daughter, Sandra, purchased it) a
    1936 DeSoto S2 Airflow. The car is missing three wheels, all the
    hubcaps, and the rear quarter vent window assemblies. I have been
    told the wheels are common with the 1936 Chrysler, 6 cylinder
    Airflow and the hubcaps are unique to the 1936 S2 (front and
    rear hubcaps are different). Does anyone know the
    correct interchangeability of these parts and where we might
    beable to obtain suitable pieces for our restoration?
    Thanks, Joan Ham and Octie L. Ham

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    Re: wanted 1936 S2 parts

    Joan & Octie,
    I have only just read your note on the parts wanted for your S2, and have checked out my genuine 1936 Desoto parts listings and offer the following information which may help you.
    1. The wheels that you need are part numbered 652967 and they are the same wheel that is used on the Chrysler C8 of 1936 (Chrysler Airstream) and the hubcaps for your S2 are part number 652932 for both the front and the rear wheels.I do not believe that they are different on the front compared to the rear.
    The wheels from the S1 and C7 chrysler are the same part number but are different than the S2 and the hubcaps from the S1 are different than those on your S2.
    Incidentally there apparently was a number of different wheels for export only and they were wheels with either a painted or primed rim and chrome spokes and even a chromed wheel complete.
    As I live in Australia I vaguely remember seeing a chromed Airflow rim years ago and thought it had been plated by an after market plater, maybe I was wrong and it was done ex factory.
    2.I have made a number of rear quarter vent windows out of a brass section for the Airflow and will be doing a few sets for another Club member in the not too distant future but I guess that you wont be needing them for a while so this may give me time to set up to do them again. More on that later.
    Regards John Spinks

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    Re: wanted 1936 S2 parts

    I have several parts for 1936 Desoto airflow to include window window rear vent. Send to your list to me at or call me 804-279-8976. Chuck

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