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Thread: Free SE parts!

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    Free SE parts!

    If anyone needs SE parts, I have a chicken coop full of them. They are for the most part sedan parts. Email me at
    For any model. Those for sedan only are marked (sedan)
    Door Latch Control (sedan). Both rear doors only.
    Rear Seat Arm Rests (sedan). Some corrosion. Original upholstery in fair shape.
    Front Seat Frame (sedan). Some corrosion, but restorable.
    Seat Backs (sedan). Complete. Rear in really good shape. Front upholstery has rot out at bottom. Springs OK.
    Interior Window Trim (sedan). Good shape. Windshield trim missing.
    Center Stainless Steel Exterior Trim at Rear Window (sedan).
    Rear Axle (sedan). Housing and carrier separate or together. Both somewhat eaten by road salt, but useable.
    Seat Rails with shaft. Mounting feet are corroded, need to be rebuilt.>
    Steering Wheel with Horn Button. Some minor cracks but in pretty good shape.
    Water Tank.
    Rear Exhaust Pipe Hanger. Somewhat eaten by road salt.
    Rear Exhaust Pipe Hanger bracket. Bolts on to frame.
    Lower Battery Box. Tray pretty much eaten up, but can be rebuilt.
    Windshield Hinges.
    Glovebox Door. Two instrument cutouts, but restorable.
    Front Axle. Thrust bearing surfaces need to be built up and refinished. Otherwise, excellent condition.
    Springs. No coverings. Some bronze discs missing. May need to be rearced.
    Steering Gear, Shaft, Tube and Drag Link. Excellent condition. Later model; larger diameter shaft.
    Cowl Vents with Controls. Excellent condition. Later model with lever type controls.
    Front Wheel Backing Plates. Good condition.
    Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly. Good condition.
    Hand Brake Good condition.
    Gas Tank Straps. Includes tank hangers over the tank. Excellent condition.
    Accelerator Cross Shaft.
    Speedometer. Fair condition. Glass is missing.
    Instrument Cluster. Good condition. Water temperature is missing.
    Steering Shaft Firewall Plate.
    Battery Box Long Bolts.
    Door Scuff Plates (sedan). Definitely not show or restoration quality, but useable, very rough. Needs finishing washers on a few of the holes.
    Doors (sedan). Pretty fair shape. Bottom rust out to various degrees. Restorable.
    Left Front Fender. Rough but restorable.
    Rear Fenders (sedan). Rough but restorable.
    Sway Bar. Excellent condition but somewhat eaten by road salt.
    Wiring Harness. Some ends and netting missing. Can be used if you're willing to inspect each wire to eliminate shorts. Definitely not show quality.
    Center Tunnel. From transmission cross bar back. No front. Rear tunnel long enough for sedan, but not coupe. Piece cut out in hand brake area.
    Headliner Trim (sedan). Front missing.
    Front Floor Board. A few, not much good for anything, maybe patterns.
    Stainless Steel Door Trim (sedan). Three pieces (only three doors).
    Stainless Steel Body Trim (sedan). Behind rear door, one side only.
    Center Cowl Trim. Between windshield and hood.
    Gas Tank. Mostly corroded out. Filler neck and other parts in pretty good shape.
    Gas Tank Sender Cap. To put a modern sender in an original cap.
    H Strut. Between dash and firewall.
    Gas line springs. A little road salt eaten, but not bad.

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    Re: Free SE parts!

    free that is nice of you

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    Re: Free SE parts!

    Where are you located?
    1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupe w/ wire wheels
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    and visions of my past old cars....

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    Re: Free SE parts!

    Hi Steve:
    I sent you a private email. Just so you are aware of that, I'll post here, as well. Thanks.

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    Re: Free SE parts!

    Hi Wiley

    My name is Reg and I have a chrysler cu. I need a front right brake slave cylinder, not sure if the se is the same as the cu but I know some parts are interchangeable, need to check. I am from Australia and am happy to pay handling and shipping costs if you have one and if it is interchangeable.


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