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Thread: Airflow S-2 water pump rebuild or exchange

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    Airflow S-2 water pump rebuild or exchange

    I am a Airflow member needing information about where to have the bearing rebuilt or exchanged. It is loose a rattles when I turn it. Don't want to put a bad water pump back in before I start it. Thanks information will be appreciated.
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    Re: Airflow S-2 water pump rebuild or exchange

    Have you posted your request on the Airflow Forum?
    If not ask the question on Someone is bound to give you an answer.
    I rebuilt a water pump on an S2 that we resored here in Australia about 12 months ago however I don't have the information regarding bearing sizes etc as the information has since been archived.
    I do however remember that the bearings were over the counter items.
    One word of warning though it that you should not start the engine without coolant in the cooling system as the mechanical seal in the rear of the pump requires water to lubricate it and keep it cool.
    Without coolant the seal can be very quickly destroyed.
    If you must start the engine remove the fan belt and only run it for a very short time so as to minimise the heat rise.
    If you draw a blank on the seals and bearings I can open the archives and find the relative information for you and finally if you want to send it to Australia I will rebuild it for you and return it.
    John Spinks
    Aussie C9 Airflow Coupe

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    Re: Airflow S-2 water pump rebuild or exchange

    dear mr spinks

    i have taken my water pump apart and obtained new sealed bearings. My problem is I can not find the bakelite material and rubber seal for the spring side of the shaft.
    Do you have access to these or know where else I can buy them.
    awaiting your resonce.
    Thank you!
    A confussed American.
    coyle demoss

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    Re: Airflow S-2 water pump rebuild or exchange

    I replied to your request via your private email.
    John S

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