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Thread: 1937 C17 roof detail

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    1937 C17 roof detail

    Im sure there's someone out there who can answer my question. i have factory pics of the C17 with out a drip rail on the roof, yet my 37 has them. Which is correct, was this a mid production addition. Personally I prefer the roof line without and may remove as I strip to repaint. any help will be greatly appriciated.

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    Re: 1937 C17 roof detail

    From what I learned at the recent ACA national meet this past Saturday, the drip rail was a dealer option that was correct for the vehicle. At the show this past Saturday, I saw a 37 Airflow C17 without a drip rail and a few other C17s, including mine, that have the drip rails. Either way, with or without the drip rails, is correct. Personally, I like the drip rails, but to each his own.

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    Re: 1937 C17 roof detail

    Hi I just noticed that you have a question re the drip rails on a C17 Airflow.
    I quote from my Parts Book that they were only fitted to the C1, C2, C9, C10 and C17 Export Only Airflows however they were also fitted to the domestic market C17 Airflow as well.
    The Parts List also makes a half hearted mention about the numbers of screws that were used to secure the drip rails to a C11 Airflow as well as the other Airflow models mentioned previously.
    The C11 that is here in Australia also has drip rails!!
    John Spinks
    Aussie C9 Airflow Coupe

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