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Thread: 1934 Airflow CU Radiator & brass fill tank for sale

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    1934 Airflow CU Radiator & brass fill tank for sale

    Hi. Brian here. I have a 1934 Airflow CU Radiator and the brass fill tank that attaches to it. I believe it is good.......the last time it was installed and used was around 2005. It's just been sitting inside my building collecting dust. I can box and ship it, but it IS heavy, so you'll have to pay the shipping cost from Minnesota. My direct email address is can let me know what you feel is fair for price (don't forget shipping), and i'll try to see if i can send it your way. regards.

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    Re: 1934 Airflow CU Radiator & brass fill tank for sale

    Hi. Brian here again. I got no response on my 1934 CU radiator so i placed it on Ebay for auction. I'm a little surprised at the lack of response from Airflow owners. I know that when "I" have an old rare car i try to accumulate spare parts whenever i can......especially if they are not being reproduced. Good luck finding the parts when that soccer mom in a hurry to get to work t-bones you, or that deer jumps out in front of your car. Another bit of food for thought, is.....the local scrap yard is paying $1.95 per pound for copper radiators, of which this one is about 60 Lbs. Which means that the scrap value alone is $117.00 Knowing that.......what do you think the guy you have to pay to re-core yours is going to charge? Last i checked A Ford model A repro copper radiator is about $500.00 Sooooo....... i would expect if you can get the radiator guy to re-do yours, it will run about $800.00 minimum. Now don't get too riled up, i'm just trying to get you guys to think this through, i have no intention of scrapping this radiator. I'm an old car guy and could never do that (maybe if i was bankrupt,had no home, and was starving to death). My reserve is less than scrap value. Lets get off our hands(wallets), and give this thing a home. Regards.

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    Re: 1934 Airflow CU Radiator & brass fill tank for sale

    Hi, just thought i would let you know....the radiator sold......for less than it's scrap value. At least it now has a home, and may be put in service one day. Regards

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