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Thread: wood frame between chassis and floor?

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    wood frame between chassis and floor?

    I geared up this weekend to get the '30 Chrysler CJ body prepped for lifting off the chassis, didnt happen though... not enough hours in the day on saturday and family event on Sunday. Oh well, theres always next weekend. Amongst alot of problems I had, just getting to the bolts under the front cowl was a nightmare. A previous owner had poured concrete into the gaps around the bolts. Infuriating to say the least! While persuading the bolts to release from the body/chassis I discovered something I thought a little strange. The tub and floor are mounted on a wooden frame on top of the chassis. Is this the same for all cars of this period? You can see here where I cut a portion of very rotten floor away which revealed the wooden beam sitting on the chassis rail. Is this a sound deadening measure? Should I replace the same?

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    Re: wood frame between chassis and floor?

    The wood is bolted to the body with carriage bolts and then the wood sits on top of the chassis mounts with rubber, 3/8 0r 5/16 rubber pads to cushion things.

    Will try to get pictures.
    Bill H

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