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Thread: Fluid Drive seal and bearing/bushing advice needed

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    Fluid Drive seal and bearing/bushing advice needed

    I'm replacing the clutch and various elements of the Fluid Drive unit in my 1948 Chrysler New Yorker 8 cylinder and I need some advice.

    History and questions:

    The carbon seal and the copper bellows (40-51 "1st style") are leaking and need to be replaced. The carbon is pitted and the bellows has a pinhole leak in it.

    I have been able to locate, but have not yet purchased, the "1st style" which I have heard is inferior to the "2nd style" (51 - ?).

    Will the "2nd style" fit my "1st style" Fluid Drive unit.

    Is the upgrade to the '2nd style" is worth the effort so far as reliability is concerned? I probably put about 2000 miles per year if even that.

    I was told that if I use the "2nd style" seal, I would have to get the large retaining coller nut, which on the "1st style", is soldered/glued to the accordian bellows this correct? If so, does anyone have a source for BOTH the later carbon seal, sleeve AND the large retaning nut?

    Does anyone have a photo of the "2nd style" seal complete?

    Finally, how do I remove the front most bushing/bearing (the smaller one that supports the fluid coupling)? The chrysler manual shows an extraction tool, but I don't have one, and all other attempts have failed to remove it.

    David in Santa Cruz

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    Re: Fluid Drive seal and bearing/bushing advice needed


    I tried to repair my fluid drive years ago. I found the correct seals but never got the fluid drive totally apart. I fell one step short.

    The only place that I found that could repair it (about 10 years ago) was Northwest Transmission Parts. They also had the seals in stock but they also allowed me to send mine in.

    I had to ship my fluid drive to them and they shipped it back a couple of weeks later. It has worked great since.

    I don't have their info in front of me so I searched on the web. I believe this is them.

    Northwest Transmission Parts.
    13500 US Route 62
    Winchester, Ohio 45697
    Information Line: 937-442-2811
    Fax Line: 937-442-6555.

    Good luck.


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