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Thread: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

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    1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?


    I'm working on a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe and would like its relevant numbers decoded. They are:

    VIN/SERIAL: 7274971
    ENGINE: C542834503
    Line 1 = MODEL 45, PAINT 08, TRIM 17, SCHED 169, ITEM 0008
    Line 2 = under TRIM 1, under SCHED 58
    Line 3 = Alphabet A-J, then KKS, then SPL FO
    Line 4 = under SPL FO, 22591

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Jon Lundberg, Member No: 995512
    Tucson AZ Chapter
    Jon W. Lundberg, Sr. - ASA (#995512)

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    They didn't start using a VIN with information about the car encoded in it until a few years after your '54 was built. But you can infer some things from the serial number because the range of numbers was assigned to assembly plants and applied to vehicles based on the engineering code. Since they often had only one wheelbase/engine for the engineering code you can often infer that from the serial number too. From your serial number, my lookup tool at Plymouth First Decade: Where is the VIN? returns:

    Serial Number 7274971
    Found in range 7249001 to 7279807
    Serial 25971 of 30807
    Year 1954
    Make Chrysler
    Model Name New Yorker DeLuxe
    Model Code C63-2
    Engine OHV V8 331.1 cu. in.
    Wheelbase 125 1/2 inches

    If I haven't messed up the data entry, then your car has a engineering code of C63. Generally the engine numbers are prefixed with the engineering code of the vehicle is was originally installed in. Because your engine number starts with C54 I suspect that it is not the original engine. Or I've made a mistake in my data entry. Or they changed their procedures from those in the '30s that I am more familiar with.

    If you send your serial number and some money to the people at the Chrysler Historical Collection they can return to you a copy of the "build card" which will contain information like the original engine number fitted to the car, original body number, etc. For that era car I would expect them to also be able to decode the paint and trim code numbers for you.

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    WOW! Thank you very much.
    Jon W. Lundberg, Sr. - ASA (#995512)

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Lundberg View Post

    I'm working on a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe and would like its relevant numbers decoded. They are:

    Jon Lundberg, Member No: 995512
    Tucson AZ Chapter
    Nice car, I'm working on a 1954 Windsor Deluxe Coupe. Looks like paint code 08 would have been Glacier Blue based on this site:
    Color Chip Selection

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    Paint code 8 is Glacier Blue ( a light baby blue )

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    The engine number is correct for your car. The pefix C5428 identifies it as a 1954, 4 barrel carb, 8 cylinder and rated at 235 HP. The last 4 numbers are the production sequence number of that engine. A prefix of C5418 would indicate a 2 barrel carb rated at 195 HP.

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    Re: 1954 Chrysler - Numbers Decoding?

    Just to add to the above.
    In most circumstances, there are two (2) distinct engines used in the 1954 Chrysler, the C542, as noted above, is what you might call a 'normal' style block.
    The C541, is the same engine design used in 1951-1953 and has the 'extended' block.
    As with all things related to MotherMopar, never say 'never'...

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