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Thread: Valve lifter oil return

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    Valve lifter oil return

    How does the oil get back to the pan from the lifter area.. Is there a drain hole in there? I have been loosing oil from that area.
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    Re: Valve lifter oil return

    It usually gets pumped up to the rocker arms from there, and yes, there are holes in the block, where oil drips down to the oil pan. Check your gaskets. They should all stop oil from leaking out.
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    Re: Valve lifter oil return

    Are we talking about a 25 DB 4 cyl. engine? If so, they are oiled by mist, later ones having hollow bolts or tubes so oil can be sucked up or splashed into the lifter area. Don't remember for sure if there are drain backs, but there are NO gaskets on the covers and yes they do leak a little (too much!). Also these are flatheads and do not have rocker arms. Nothing is actually "pumped" to the lifters on these.
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