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Thread: crankshaft.

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    I'm having a problem. I did have a crankshaft shipped to me for a 1955 plymouth V8 (P27) but it's the wrong crank. What I'm trying to find out is to what car does this crankshaft belong to.
    On the plymouth forum I did find out the crank should belong to/fit a 1956 Dodge CoronetTexan, 1956 Royal and Custom Royal, 56 V8 w/4bbl exc D500, 1958 Dodge Coronet & Royal exc D500.
    The casting number on the crank is 1739538.
    Is there anyone who can tell me the exact (nominal + grinding) dimensions of these mentioned cars so I can compair them to the crank I have.
    Thanks Edwin.
    1955 plymouth plaza suburban, P27 V8 Poly engine

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    Re: crankshaft.

    Edwin, This forum is focused on Dodge up to 1938, I would suggest posting this message with the WPC club, They cover a large range of Chysler products. They have a forum on this site...

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    Re: crankshaft.

    Stevie, thanks, I'll try.
    1955 plymouth plaza suburban, P27 V8 Poly engine

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