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Thread: F/S 1920s Equipto speedster project for Model T Ford,Olds 3 port head,Miller radiator. All $7,900

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    F/S 1920s Equipto speedster project for Model T Ford,Olds 3 port head,Miller radiator. All $7,900

    Hi guys here is my package deal on the one of a kind early 1920s Equito speedster body for Model T Ford,Chevy. Project also includes Miller V shaped radiator and Olds 3 port head. All for reduced price of only $7,900 for all! See ebay auction below. Speedster body, Olds head,and Miller V shaped radiator also for sale separately George albright,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 from 10-4 weekdays EST.

    Hi Guys.I pieced together an
    AMAZING Model T speedster project,with authentic early 1920s parts.
    The body is the only one known,circa 1923,Equipto Line body,made by
    the Aurora Equipment Co. of Aurora Illinois. This company first built
    bodies for Henry Ford around 1910,then cycle car attachments for
    motorcycles. In the teens and 1920s they built racey bodies for Ford
    Model Ts. Around 1930 they switched to building metal shelving and
    cabinets and are still in business. Please click on this link for more
    history,which I helped Coachbuilt write: Thomas Dunham Co., Equipto,
    Model T Speedster, Thomas M. Dunham, John C. Dunham, Dunham Side Car,
    Aurora Equipment Co., Equipto div. of Aurora Equipment Company - The body is all original and super solid and
    complete,no rust ever,minus top irons,which I would not use any way.
    These racey lines don't need a top! Seats are out of a circa 1920 ice
    cream parlor,and fit perfectly. Cast iron backs and maple bottoms.
    Head is a 1921-23 Olds 3 port head,which has been magnafluxed and
    tanked. Looks superb! Includes rocker arms,valves,springs,etc. These
    heads in the late 1920s and 1930s and on the salt flats on the 1940s
    were used as an overhead valve setup on Model T Ford blocks. Known as
    a poor mans Rajo! MANY records for 3 decades were set with these.
    Please see this Jern Thunderbolt website for all the parts needed for
    this conversion: index Finally enclosed is a superb and unique circa
    1920 all brass V radiator. Looks almost identical to a Miller Indy
    Sprint car one. All original but looks superb all over. No old leaks
    evident. My plan was to mount these three items on a Model T wire
    wheeled chassis,with a Miller or Winfield carb,and other speed
    equipment. This V radiator with this killer racer body with a very low
    cut windshield will be one of the most beautiful around. Plus you will
    have the only one! Lots of photos avail. of all three items,just ask.
    Will deliver to Hershey for free,but must be fully paid for now. Will
    also crate and ship for costs,and/or help arrange transport. Price for
    all pictured is $9,800. Will not part out,no trades. George
    Albright,Ocala,Fla. cell 352 843 1624 weekdays 10 AM to 4 PM EST.

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    Re: F/S 1920s Equipto speedster project for Model T Ford,Olds 3 port head,Miller radiator. All $7,90

    Body Still avail for $3,800 firm. Olds head sold,but I have posted a second one restored and complete,on Ebay with the Equipto speedster body. Search Equipto speedster or Olds 3 port head. George

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