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Thread: Ball Joint Presses

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    Ball Joint Presses

    Hi All.

    I'm going to be doing a lower ball joint on the 67 98 soon, and that means getting a press. I've been looking around, and I see a few on EBay for the $35-50 range, and another $10 - 15 for shipping. Most of what I have seen in catalogs and the like is in the $100 range, so I was wondering two things.

    First, are those ebay prices good, or am I just looking in the wrong place?

    Second, the receiver cups all seem to be standard sized, so what size will I need for the Olds? Just don't want to buy something which is designed with the newer, wimpier cars in mind and find out it is too small for the Olds.


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    Re: Ball Joint Presses

    If you have an Auto Zone nearby, go in, give them $100.00 for a press. It comes with several size cups and when you're done, return it. It is a free service from Auto Zone. No, I don't work, nor advertise, for them, but I have gotten "loaner tools" from them at no cost. The $100.00 is just a deposit.


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