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Thread: 1955 Oldsmobile Right Hand Exhaust Manifold Stud Question

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    1955 Oldsmobile Right Hand Exhaust Manifold Stud Question


    Can anyone tell me about the stud set up for this exhaust manifold? I recently had a machine shop do some work on both manifolds which had broken studs and they were able to just press out the broken studs from the right hand side. No thread marks where the studs go. Are these one piece studs that go all the way through the manifold and service both sides (3 total) or are they shorter, 3 per side (6 total) and are they pressed in?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: 1955 Oldsmobile Right Hand Exhaust Manifold Stud Question


    Single exhaust? On my 1956 Olds 88 with a SINGLE exhaust system.... the pipe from the left manifold crosses over in front of the engine and mates up to the right exhaust manifold and the exhaust system continues on out the rear of the engine compartment. (3) 3/8 NF X 4-1/2 inch grade 5 bolts are used. I elected to use fine thread instead of the course thread so I could VERY carefully tighten them using reverse lock nuts sometimes called clutch nuts too.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: 1955 Oldsmobile Right Hand Exhaust Manifold Stud Question

    Hi Bryan,

    Yes, it is single exhaust and the set up sounds exactly the same. Bolts make sense as there were no threads for studs in the RH manifold but the previous bolts were broken and had to be pressed out of the manifold to remove them. Your answer is very helpful and thank you so much. Larry.

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    Re: 1955 Oldsmobile Right Hand Exhaust Manifold Stud Question

    I think the studs are supposed to screw in the manifold.

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