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    steering wheel clock

    I have a functioning steering wheel clock that was a rare option in the early 50's ..specifically for an olds...does anyone know anything about them, how they were mounted, etc. would sell for $150 or listen to offers...advice, etc. Thanks
    don hughes, sarasota, florida

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    Re: steering wheel clock

    They were an option in '52 Olds. They mounted in the chrome trim ring (horn ring) which was special with the clock. They show up fairly often on ebay.

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    Re: steering wheel clock

    With the steering wheel clock option, you have to have the special steering wheel, the special horn ring, and a special turn signal lever, curved to clear the clock.
    with that option, the dash clock was replaced with a compass.
    If you had the whole set up, it would be worth a bunch. the clock by it's self, like Joe said, are frequently on ebay, depending on condition, sell for high $20's, to maybe in the $40's, if super good shape.

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