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Thread: I can restore your steering wheel clock

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    I can restore your steering wheel clock

    when looking to restore my Maar steering wheel clock for my 51 52 accessory wheel I called fusick, they suggested I "look in hemmings" so I did what anyone in my situation would do I searched and searched and located the correct material for my clock and NOW I CAN RESTORE YOURS.

    I have found the correct material to replace the lens (or jewel) in your 51 52 Maar clock.

    I am only able to replace the Jewel or lens for the clock at this time.. A limited number of lenses will be available, at a very very good price. contact me for more info

    email me

    IN addition I am interested in buying ONE additional Maar clock, for my own uses . anyone have an extra? thanks sawzall

    Jeff Yeagle
    Phoenixville, PA
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    Re: I can restore your steering wheel clock

    hi i was wanting to know how much for a lens for this clock? Was also wondering if they came in any other steering wheels other then the one pictured? like say a banjo style

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    Re: I can restore your steering wheel clock

    Do I remember a clock in the middle of the wheel also??? Gee its been 50 years,,, Patent on it is to ?? Robert Stafford of Ri,,I think,,He could have sold,,assigned it also,,Saw the prototype on his desk,,Cheers,,Ben

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    Re: I can restore your steering wheel clock

    Soldierboy, you might get a quicker response by just emailing Jeff at that email addy he posted. This original post is over 6 years old.

    I don't know if anyone else besides Olds used the steering wheel clock. You'd think as gadgety as some of the street rod guys are, someone might have made up a banjo wheel for a clock like this. It would look pretty trick I think.
    Glenn Williamson
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